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Each spring, our team at Branch publishes The Mobile Growth Handbook. I know I’m biased, but this one of the best resources in the industry (seriously, go check out last year’s version if you haven’t already — it’s over 150 pages full of tips and techniques and has been downloaded thousands of times).

The MGH isn’t a piece of content marketing for Branch. Yes, we compile it, but contributions from the Mobile Growth Community (yes, that means you!) are what make it great. This year, our goal is to create a ‘COVID mobile response kit’ containing useful data insights, growth hacks, and actionable recommendations for the massive global disruption we’re all facing.

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Many people instinctively take a screenshot when they want to share in-app content, not realizing there are usually better options.

Here’s a great way to help them out: detect the screenshot in progress and offer to add a deep link!


On the Branch platform, we saw the overall number of app installs jump slightly in March and April, but we’ve since returned to almost exactly the same place we were at the beginning of the year.

However, the top-line number hides some pretty significant shifts in HOW those new users are downloading. See the whole series of new graphs.


IMVU: Lomit Patel

Creating A Lean Marketing Team Powered by AI

How do you achieve growth when the system is full of obstacles? With today’s guest, Lomit Patel, we talk about choosing to take decisive action towards your goals whether that’s in your own career or with your product. From working his way up the ladder to his dream job to having the foresight to push for utilizing AI at a time when it was still very new, Lomit has proved to be a catalyst for immense growth.

Episode Highlights

  • 5:47 - Early in Lomit’s career, he took a front desk temp job while he searched for a full-time job. He found unlisted job openings at his company and cold emailed a hiring manager who got him a data analyst job 2 days before his visa expired!
  • 8:37 - Lomit has a bias for taking action, instead of waiting to hear back from a traditional application he always found ways to get in touch directly with hiring decision-makers which helped him advance a lot in his career.
  • 11:21 - After realizing the data at IMVU being siloed held them back from getting better decisions Lomit integrated all the data sources together. They then went to their advertising partners and applied AI to their campaigns and set up an automation that would allow the budget to increase only if certain goals were met and vice versa.
  • 22:32 - On advice in the pandemic, Lomit advised not to let a job define your worth. He also shared how he got his job at Roku in 2008, he cold emailed companies who were still raising money and Roku eventually offered him a job after he emailed them.

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