SKAdNetwork was announced over a year ago and released last October. But the excitement isn't over yet.

Let's catch up on the latest:

  1. A few weeks ago, Google announced they will support using SKAdNetwork for iOS campaign optimization.
  2. Meta rolled out SKAdNetwork 4.0 support on July 18.
  3. …but then rolled back to SKAN 3 just ten days later.
  4. One of the reasons Meta might have decided to push the eject button: the discovery of a pretty significant bug between SKAN and the AdServices API (which is the separate attribution framework available only to Apple Search Ads).
  5. A couple of days after it was first reported, Apple now claims to have fixed this bug.

What can we take away from all this? A few things:

  • Google is finally listening to advertisers who aren't satisfied with relying on their blackbox models.
  • There is some sort of integration between SKAN and AdServices API. This has been long suspected but never officially confirmed.
  • The closed-loop design of SKAN makes it very difficult to debug issues, and requires Apple to release (and drive wide adoption of) new iOS versions in order to fix most issues.
  • The on-device postback timers in SKAN means several days of continued disruption, even once everyone figures out what is going wrong.

Three years post-ATT, it's still a brave new world out there!

Alex Bauer

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