Some weeks, life seems like a graph with an exponential y-axis — compared to recent events out in the real world, nothing in this newsletter really moves the needle.

Still, if there is one cliché about tech entrepreneurs that seems to stick more than any other, it’s making the world a better place. Seeing public statements of support rolling in from across our industry is extremely encouraging; seeing tangible action is even better. But neither is a substitute for individual contributions. I know these are just pixels on the screen of a random internet newsletter, but do something this week that pushes you outside your usual comfort zone. Make a bigger donation. Have an awkward conversation. Amplify a voice that usually wouldn’t be heard. Just…don’t leave it all to someone else.

So how does mobile fit into the picture of this week? If we’re being honest, it probably doesn’ least, not as a meaningful standalone topic — mobile is just a platform. No one in the streets is protesting the success or failure of a mobile marketing campaign, and it would be absurd if they were.

But platforms provide the foundation on which other things can be built. So, after we’ve each done everything we can to make an immediate difference this week, let us go use this platform to build great things. Things that DO move the needle. Things that will ensure the spark of change grows into something more. And if you know of any powerful black voices in mobile that should be highlighted in our upcoming mobile growth events or newsletters, please reply and let me know!

PS, if you haven’t already, please consider filling out the 2020 Mobile Growth Survey. It’s open for a few more days, and we’re throwing in a Branch hoodie to the first ten submissions from this link!

Alex Bauer


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