Back at the end of March, everyone in the mobile industry was publishing graphs to show the impact of COVID-19. That’s still happening, of course, but now there’s another trend: articles discussing ‘all the things that will change forever’.

In other words, we’ve moved from observing the present to projecting the future.

This article from Fast Company isn’t specifically about the mobile industry, but it illustrates a couple patterns that seem to stand out with many of these pieces:

  • The marketing-minded usually find ways to spin the situation into a discussion of how this will actually help with [their thing] long-term.
  • A lot of the changes happening right now are really just accelerations of things that were already in motion long before.

It’ll definitely be interesting to check back on these predictions in about a year...

Alex Bauer


In the ongoing privacy debate between governments and Big Tech, it seems like contact tracing (or at least the technologies needed to power it on a mass scale) has suddenly become the bellwether issue of our time.

Specifically, we’re starting to learn more about the initiative announced two weeks ago by Google and Apple. Below are a few of the better articles I’ve seen over the last week.

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Stubhub: Manoj Tolety

Why Measurement Is the Key to Driving Loyalty

Aim big. This theme, along with successful cross-collaboration, aligning with strong mentors, and leading by example, seems to be common in many growth stories. How does the theme of family fit in? Manoj Tolety shares what he’s learned from becoming a parent and how human behavior, a dash of luck, and hard work drives both personal and professional growth.

This, traveling the world every 6 months for eBay, increasing his app budget by 3x, and more are featured on this episode of How I Grew This with Manoj Tolety of StubHub.

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