COVID-19 will clearly be biggest thing in mobile for a long time to come, and that means it will be a big chunk of this week’s newsletter.

But outside the world of mobile, it’s great to see the many reminders of how this crisis is actually bringing people together. For example, if you haven’t yet watched Some Good News, go spend 15 minutes on that at some point today (episode 2 is even better). You won’t regret it.

It’s also awesome to see all the many ways people are banding together to help those in our industry affected by this situation. If you’re able to reach out and help a friend or former colleague this week, you won’t regret that either.

Stay safe and healthy!

Alex Bauer


Apple have always positioned themselves as ‘different’, but as they continue the inexorable transformation into a services company, what counts as ‘different’ seems to be a lot less clear.

This week, I came across several interesting articles, each highlighting a different element of this ongoing transition.

Interesting Reads

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EP5: Kristina Walcker-Mayer

How Mobile Banking is Taking Lessons From Fashion E-Commerce

Kristina had never imagined working for a bank but when the opportunity came along to innovate the mobile experience for N26 she took it. Coming from a background in fashion e-commerce, Kristina asked, "How could we transform the learnings about mobile UX from e-commerce and apply them to the financial world to make everything less painful?" This and stories of why you shouldn’t build what your customers ask for and reasons to always speak your mind with Kristina Walcker-Mayer of N26.

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