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Aside from the tremendous human cost, the COVID-19 pandemic has created arguably the biggest natural experiment in human history. It will certainly be the most well-documented.

Many companies have begun publishing data that shows what’s going on in the mobile ecosystem. Some of the takeaways are pretty obvious (e.g., travel is down, and grocery delivery is up), but a couple of examples particularly caught my eye this week.

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A glimmer of good news, based on trends we’re seeing in China: while activity for some apps fell at the beginning of the pandemic, many have started to recover.

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EP3: Vincent Saint-Martin

How to Continue Driving Growth After You've Been Acquired @ Ouicar

What does it take to build a leading Peer-to-Peer car-sharing company when the market is exploding with new competitors? How do you continue to drive growth after your company gets acquired? This, the stories of learning from failure, recruiting his first users one by one, and the decisions he made that ensured the product remained a market leader, in our third episode of “How I Grew This” with Vincent Saint-Martin of OuiCar.

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