The front lines of the IDFA Apocalypse were relatively quiet for the last few months.

...until Wednesday morning, December 16. Facebook and Apple have been sniping at each other about iOS 14-related topics ever since WWDC, but this week is a whole new level.

We’ll recap the details in just a moment, but first: while the iOS 14 privacy policy changes are clearly still the big story in mobile marketing, in one completely unscientific poll I read this week, a third of respondents said ‘If I see another vendor discussing iOS14 privacy changes I might just quit’.

Clearly, many of us are getting tired of living with a hammer dangling overhead, so let’s put all this in perspective for a moment: whatever your personal views on the latest machinations by Apple and Facebook, as an app developer or growth marketer, the best path forward hasn't changed. Be the owner of your own destiny. Know your metrics, understand the quality of your data (really understand it…not just what you hear in a vendor soundbite), diversify your marketing channels, and partner with companies you trust whose success criteria are aligned with yours.

Alex Bauer


Here’s a timeline of the current round of Apple v. Facebook, in chronological order:

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