It’s been quite a week in the news, especially if you’re located in the US.

None of these stories have much of a mobile growth tie-in though. So let’s just say this: I hope you’ve all had a great holiday season, and that the links below will provide some light weekend diversion from everything else currently going on in the world!

Alex Bauer


Perhaps the Freakonomics podcast episode from a few issues back (Does Advertising Actually Work?) was just ahead of the curve by a month or two, because we’re suddenly seeing a deluge of new buzz on this topic.

With all the industry changes in the air (iOS 14, limitations on web cookies, increasing regulation/governmental enforcement action around adtech and adjacent services, and greater general awareness both by advertisers and end users, just to name a few), I think this is likely to become a more regular subject.

Here are a few of the top selections I've seen in recent weeks:

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