I could pretend this newsletter is a couple days late because we’re testing open rates by weekday — as covered in the Email Benchmark Report 2020 that just came out from Netcore — but that would be a convenient rationalization (turns out that Saturday pretty much takes the cake as ‘worst day to send’ for every industry…oops).

In reality, there were just too many other things going on earlier this week. But if 2020 has proved anything, it’s that sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. So without wasting time further, let’s get to this week’s links!

PS, one of those ‘other things’ is a webinar I’m co-hosting next week with Peter Rogers from Merkle, How to Reach Apple’s Users in a Privacy-First World. We’ll be recapping the latest on iOS 14, and discussing how it fits into the broader trends of identity fragmentation on the web. It’ll be good, I promise.

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At the beginning of the 2020 holiday shopping season, user behavior reflect the impact of COVID while still following typical annual trends.

Purchase events in shopping apps spiked on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and higher than in previous years), while food & drink apps were significantly down on Thanksgiving Day itself.

For the other three graphs in this series, see this Twitter thread.