This week, the world got its hands on the first Macs built using Apple’s new, in-house CPUs.

This is a mobile newsletter, so why bring up Macs? It's not because these new machines from Apple are receiving rave reviews (they are, and universally so). It's because they can install iOS apps by default. In fact, Apple required developers to individually opt out if they didn’t want this.

As you'd expect, the experience with an average, unoptimized iOS app apparently falls somewhere between ‘ok’ and ‘pretty terrible’ at the moment — Macs rather infamously don’t have touchscreens, after all. But it’s still a big deal. Apple never managed to make the Mac App Store a platform-wide default (unlike iOS), and it doesn't take a psychic to imagine a world where Apple pushes companies to use their existing [native] iOS apps as the foundation for macOS, instead of relying on bloated cross-platform environments like Electron.

PS, if you haven’t already registered for the Growth Marketing in the Modern World course, it’s based on an actual Stanford class and I’ve seen some of the content — it’s going to be great. If nothing else, sign up so you get the recordings for posterity!

Alex Bauer

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