Over the last few weeks, while speaking to companies across the mobile space about the ongoing Attribution Apocalypse, something has become clear to me: in this debate, there is more than one possible definition of the ‘good side’.

Somewhere within the spaceship at Apple Park, a team has been working toward these IDFA changes for a long time. I would bet they truly believe in the cause of defending user privacy, and see this decision as an unqualified ‘good thing’ for the world.

Perhaps they are right, and the mobile ecosystem was due for a spring cleaning. I would also bet they do not fully understand the fallout that this black-and-white definition of ‘good privacy’ is going to cause.

For now though, it doesn’t really make a difference. Whether or not Apple’s IDFA team comprehends the impact of this decision, they’ve just signaled that they believe something isn’t right…and they still hold all the keys. But that doesn’t mean they are the only voice with something valuable to say.

The mobile ecosystem is a big and wonderfully diverse place, and now it’s our opportunity (and our responsibility) to continue carrying the torch of healthy and sustainable mobile growth.

Alex Bauer


As the apocalypse continues…

Now that the dust has begun to settle from the initial wave of disruption (though more is undoubtedly coming, as September gets closer), we’re starting to get a look at some second-order impact analysis:

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This example is a delightfully seamless cross-platform journey (and a nostalgic throwback to when flying didn’t come with quite such serious life-and-death implications…)



Wikimedia: Grant Ingersoll

Knowledge Equity and Navigating Career Through Identity

Grant Ingersoll, Chief Technology Officer of Wikimedia, joined us on the podcast this week to discuss his experience navigating his own career through identity and knowledge equity. He shares the path that led him to his current role and why he chose to take a bet on himself and start his own company.

More on Grant’s story, including his beliefs that people’s views of themselves can be blockers for their own personal growth, why he is constantly reinventing himself as a founder, and Wikimedia’s roadmap to make their knowledge base reflect the global community, are shared in this episode of How I Grew This. Listen now on Apple Podcasts Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher and more.

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