Unless you’ve spent the last few days in off-grid log cabin (it’s 2020…this might in fact be a possibility), you already heard that the US Department of Justice sued Google this week.

Given how many recaps and analyses of this story are floating around, there’s not much to add at this point (though, as he often does, Ben Thompson at Stratechery makes a solid case for why we might not even be asking the right questions).

Whatever eventually comes along to knock Google off its perch (and something will, eventually) probably isn’t going to look like another Google. Just as the iPhone didn’t look like a PalmPilot, and the PC wasn’t a cheaper IBM mainframe (and the automobile isn’t a faster horse). As Benedict Evans wrote earlier this year, monopolies often don’t really get ‘broken’ — they’re just eventually bypassed by something else.

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Events, travel, and sports all fall in the ‘highest risk activity’ bucket, and these apps have obviously stayed far below pre-pandemic levels. Interestingly, music streaming is also down...fewer people using music to block out office noise, perhaps?


CEO & Co-Founder @ Bulbul: Sachin Bhatia

Building World-Class Products From Scratch

Some people stop after creating their first successful company, but Sachin Bhatia has created three products and companies that have flourished. Sachin shares how he got his parents' entrepreneurial spirit by selling water and other items as a child. He started his first company, MakeMyTrip, in 2000, and while they had a successful launch due to word of mouth, they weren’t able to keep up with demand. He learned his lesson: on the launch of his second company, TrulyMadly, they had the campaign to allow people to date not based on creed or religion in India, which picked up a lot of press and was very successful. He then shares the story of how he and his co-founder teamed up again to build Bulbul, a video-based shopping app.

Hear more about Sachin’s story, including his marketing campaign where MakeMyTrip asked for a second chance, his strategy for breaking down his campaigns, and more on this episode of How I Grew This

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