The annual "let’s all rewrite our roadmap" week for mobile (a.k.a., WWDC) is over! And yes, Vision Pro seems really cool. No company in the world is better than Apple at product marketing.

But, back here in real life, there’s another important takeaway: as usual, WWDC also brought its annual collection of user privacy improvements. Apple clearly doesn’t want privacy headlines getting in the way of VR goggles, so these updates didn’t even earn a mention in the keynote. Don’t let that fool you, because they are still a pretty big deal.

Here's the theme: even though Apple made no privacy policy changes this week, their relentless, methodical campaign against 'tracking' continues. The Privacy Engineering team in Cupertino operates on a timeframe of years, and they’re not giving up.

Alex Bauer


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There were plenty of great articles coming out of WWDC. Here is a quick roundup of a few of my favorites:

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