This week, while discussing the finer points of post-ATT attribution policies with a pretty sophisticated performance marketing team, I botched a detail.

The missing info slapped me in the face about five minutes after we all left the room, but to me, the more interesting point is this: mobile measurement is becoming both commoditized, and impenetrable. I think about this stuff almost every waking moment — it's literally my job — and yet even I have trouble keeping everything straight without regular review.

Measurement isn't going away, and there is good work being done to keep the machine running. But my hope is that all this byzantine complexity will also lead app developers toward shifting focus back to what really matters: apps are just tools to an end. In other words, make sure you're spending time on something that actually helps your business grow, not on clinging to data collection habits that might have just been feeding vanity metrics in the first place.

PS, in the comment of the last issue, I linked to this incredible story from Spotify about their multi-year effort to repair deep linking and attribution. Or at least, I tried to — in the height of irony, I botched the URL…so here's a second try!

Alex Bauer


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