If you've been following along for the last few months, you know there are two new GAID changes scheduled to kick in for Android on April 1, 2022:

  1. GAID deletion. This has been in place on Android 12 for a while, but the April 1 deadline brings it to all versions of Android. Think of this as 'Limit Ad Tracking for Android' — the GAID will simply be gone after a user opts out.
  2. A new AD_ID permission. This is really just a behind-the-scenes technical thing, because the permission is auto-granted so long as the right line of new code exists in the app's manifest file (in retrospect, this might be proactive prep work for Privacy Sandbox).

Last week, Google ran what basically works out to a temporary 'pocket veto' on the second of these: this docs page was updated to talk about API 33 (Android 13) instead of API 31 (Android 12).

What does this mean? Both changes are still happening on April 1, but the second one will now apply only to apps built to target Android 13, instead of Android 12. And since Android 13 is still in beta, no app should be targeting it yet.

So, in practice, yes this is a 'delay'…but it's a nuanced one.

If you're interested in a complete summary of the current attribution landscape on Android, including this latest adjustment and what you should do to get ready, take a look at this blog post our team published yesterday.

Alex Bauer


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