WWDC 2022 is over, and despite the hyperbolic 'data auction' ad campaign Apple has been running basically everywhere for the last month, only one privacy-related topic even made this year's keynote: a minor (though excellent and much-needed) new permissions audit feature called Safety Check.

Here's the full scorecard:

  • Major privacy announcements: nope.
  • SKAdNetwork 4.0: yes!
  • Clarification on ATT policy: kind of…

What does this mean? Well, we'll get into the details below, but I'm quite certain nobody here looks forward to these annual, WWDC-induced bouts of existential crisis. So a relatively quiet week means mixed emotions:

  • Relief. 'Yay, no need to re-write our roadmap this year!'
  • Disorientation. 'Wait, are we SURE we didn't miss anything…?'

At the same time, don't assume this is the end of the story, or any sort of tacit agreement to preserve the status quo. Apple may be taking a break from privacy-related high drama this year, but that certainly doesn't mean they're walking away from the topic.

This moment is more like the calm in the eye of the hurricane. It's the time to double down on investing for the future of your mobile growth strategy…not a signal to turn around and start swimming against the tide.

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Alex Bauer


While WWDC 2022 was relatively non-disruptive for mobile growth, there's still plenty of news to cover.

If you want a full run-down with commentary, including everything we know about SKAdNetwork 4.0 and Apple's newly re-emphasized App Tracking Transparency guidance, I have two options for you:

  • Watch this webinar our team at Branch hosted on Friday. It's a recap of everything you need to know, designed for quick consumption.
  • Tune in for the next Mobile Dev Memo podcast episode, which will be out on Monday (watch for it in the Spotify or Apple Podcasts feeds). Eric Seufert and I went waaaay into the weeds on how everything works, and what it likely means for the future of the ecosystem.

If you prefer to get your updates directly from the source, here are the two most relevant tech sessions from WWDC:

  • What's new with SKAdNetwork. All the new stuff in SKAdNetwork 4.0. While the official tech documentation has not yet been published, there's also a written summary from Apple of the new functionality here.
  • Explore App Tracking Transparency. Apple's re-statement of the ATT policy, their opinion on 'separate-but-equal' attribution systems (not OK), and fingerprinting ('never allowed').

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