As it does every year, WWDC this week brought a host of exciting updates to iOS. As usual, you can argue that many are not exactly new to the world, but Apple has the (perhaps unique) ability to dramatically accelerate mainstream adoption of things that were previously niche.

When you combine that product execution with video production quality that is honestly almost Hollywood-worthy at this point, it's not hard to understand why Apple ends up with an outsize impact from every announcement they make.

For me, the most notable news from this year wasn't any specific feature — rather, it's how the updates combine to demonstrate the continuation of two long-term trends:

  1. Apple is swinging for the fences on data protection and tracking prevention. With the latest round of new privacy features, it's clear that AppTrackingTransparency last year was just the first step in a much grander plan.
  2. Apple is trying hard to revitalize the app discovery process inside the store itself. With the context of increasing developer unrest about App Store policies and the potential of new regulations around the globe, it's more critical than ever for Apple to show why their walled garden approach brings value.

Whether or not you agree with it, Apple clearly has a vision in mind for where they want the iOS ecosystem to go.

Alex Bauer


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AppTrackingTransparency-enabled iOS versions (14.5+) are now approaching 60% of all sessions.

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