The big news right now is (obviously) the US election. And though I kept my eyes out all week, the best mobile tie-in I found was this article about how smartphone location data is being used to help fight voter suppression (which, for a data nerd who cares about free and fair elections, is still objectively fascinating).

So, the focus of today’s comment is another ‘election’ instead: the 2020 Mobile Growth Awards! Think of it a bit like a cooler version of the Webbys, with a much less confusing website.

There are eight award categories:

  • Best Mobile Viral Campaign
  • Best Overall Growth Campaign
  • Best Phygital Experience
  • Best COVID Adaptation
  • Best COVID Retention
  • Best Digital Transformation
  • Best Mobile Innovation
  • Best Onboarding/Activation

We have some really impressive judges lined up for this — seriously, go look at the landing page — and an awards gala [virtual] planned at the end of January. All we need now are nominations from you.

And yes, you can even nominate yourself!

Alex Bauer

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